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Published:February 21st, 2016 10:49 EST

Brussels Says Infrastructure Plan Eaten by Hungry Mice

By Robert Paul Reyes

"During a special hearing set up to tackle the issue of continuous gridlock traffic, former head of the city`s infrastructure agency, Christian Debuysscher, said original plans to fix the problem were `apparently eaten by mice`.

The plans were reportedly stored inside a bridge support for 20 years before being unearthed in an attempt to place them in a more adequate storage facility.

Until Brussels officials can redraw new plans to combat the city`s failing underground tunnels and surrounding infrastructure, local mice will take the blame for the area`s notoriously difficult rush hour traffic."


A child never gets away with the "dog ate the homework" excuse, and these bureaucrats shouldn`t get away with the "mice ate the blueprints" excuse.

Why were these morons relying on a decades old pan to fix the city`s crumbling infrastructure?

There`s something rotten in Denmark, Brussels is cursed with hungry mice and greedy and ineffectual politicians.

These incompetent fools need to place an ad on Indeed for an architect to redraw new plans, evidently there isn`t an individual in Brussels with a lick of sense.

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