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Published:February 23rd, 2016 18:02 EST

Firefighters Shake Cat Free From Top of 65-foot Tree

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Firefighters in China were called to rescue a cat that stranded itself at the top of a 65-foot-tall tree and shook the feline free."


This video demonstrates that cats getting stuck in trees is a universal problem.

There must be fifty ways to skin a cat, but how many ways are there to free a cat stuck up a tree? This video also demonstrates that shaking the tree isn`t  the best way to free a cat stuck up a tree.

A hapless firefighter first climbed partway up the tree, and attempted to snare the feline with a long pole that had a loop at one end.

When that failed the rescuer shook the tree while witless witnesses on the ground prepared to catch the feline in a blanket.

The cat fell, but grabbed a hold of a branch, and the brainless idiots laughed uproariously as it hung from the lower branch before it fell away from the group holding the blanket.

The cat survived its humiliating ordeal seemingly unharmed, at least the fireman and the witnesses didn`t barbecue the cat for dinner.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia