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Published:February 23rd, 2016 17:30 EST

Watch Wheelz the Paralyzed Baby Bunny Wheel Around in Miniature Skateboard

By Robert Paul Reyes

This baby bunny was reportedly found paralyzed from his belly down, unable to use his rear legs. Instead of putting him down, some kind people at Overlook Acres Farm in New York built him a custom ride from a miniature skateboard.

YouTube video description

A couple who raise rabbits on their farm discovered the baby rabbit freezing and suffering from a bite wound outside of his next box.

Let me digress by asking: Is there anything easier than raising rabbits? I mean you just let rabbits do what comes to them naturally and soon you will have a gazillion rabbits for sale.

The caring couple quickly ascertained that the poor creature`s back legs had been paralyzed by the bite from a larger rabbit. Instead of euthanizing it, they helped the adorable creature regain his mobility by strapping him to a $1 miniature skateboard. 

Moral of this story: All of God`s creatures are precious, even the disabled.


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Photo Credit: Wikipedia