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Published:February 23rd, 2016 17:04 EST

Woman Hijacks Bus After Being Told to Stop Smoking

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A woman was arrested Tuesday morning after the Metropolitan Transportation Authority said she hijacked a bus when the driver told her to stop smoking.

The driver of an M-101 bus saw the woman smoking and asked her to put out the cigarette and get off, MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz said.

The woman became irate, so the driver called for another bus to come to transfer the passengers, Ortiz said. As the driver was outside moving passengers to the second bus, Ortiz said the woman jumped into the driver`s seat and sped off."

CBS News

Smoking is a nasty, unhealthy and expensive habit, and worst of all smokers exhibit contempt and no consideration for all those they expose to their second-hand smoke.

To smoke in a confined area like a bus is not only illegal, it is also the epitome of selfishness and disregard for your fellow human beings.

This oxygen thief refused to put out her cigarette and get off the bus, and the bus driver was forced to order everyone to disembark and wait for another bus.

How many commuters were late for work because of this selfish and stubborn sorry excuse for a human being?

When you hijack a bus because you don`t want to extinguish your cigarette, that`s a pretty clear indication you need to get help overcoming your addiction.

The woman drove only about four blocks when a second bus blocked her path. I bet this bus-riding loser didn`t have money for bail, and is in jail right now offering her body for a cigarette.

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