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Published:February 24th, 2016 15:27 EST

Donald Trump Elected President! This Headline May Be a Nightmare, But It's No Longer a Fantasy

By Robert Paul Reyes

Donald Trump wins presidential election!

This headline may be a nightmare, but it`s no longer a fantasy. After winning decisively in New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada, and leading in the polls in most of the Super Tuesday states, Trump has to be considered the presumptive nominee of the GOP.

Trump`s closest rivals Sen. Ted Cruz and Sen. Marco Rubio are too intimidated by the reality star`s bluster, charisma and confidence to attack him directly, and instead they are engaged in a death match with each other.

The other two candidates still in the running, Gov. John Kasich and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson don`t have a snowball`s chance in hell, and I won`t waste any more bandwidth discussing them.

Trump may have the gravitas of a Kim Kardashian fart, but his intimidating and commanding presence has already cleared the field of the likes of Chris Christie, Lindsey Graham, Mike Huckabee, Rand Paul, Rick Perry and the candidate who was considered the presumptive nominee before Trump entered the race, former Florida governor Jeb Bush.

When Jeb Bush announced his candidacy on June 15, 2015 pundits immediately wrote articles imagining a Hillary Clinton/Jeb Bush general election showdown. Bush quickly amassed a massive campaign war chest, the support of the establishment, and endorsements from GOP heavyweights.

Bush`s reign as the the consensus front-runner was short-lived, on June 16, 2015 Donald Trump announced his candidacy for President of the United States at the Trump Tower in New York City with the slogan "Make America Great Again."

Trump`s announcement was initially greeted with scorn and ridicule by the intelligentsia, but Trump`s candor and brash manner resonated with an angry electorate and he was soon leading all the state and national polls.

Jeb brought his policy papers, royal lineage, legacy as a popular conservative governor and support of the establishment to the table, Trump brought his celebrity, his fondness for Twitter and his penchant for speaking his mind without parsing his words to the table, and the reality star upended the table, bashed Jeb upside the head with it, and totally humiliated him.

Trump has ended the Bush dynasty, and when he faces off against Hillary Clinton in the general election he will put an end to the Clinton dynasty.

The Donald may be a clown and a buffoon, but Hillary is a deeply flawed candidate, she has an indictment hanging over her, a lecherous husband to try to contain, and too many scandals to overcome.

We live in a democracy, not a monarchy, and most Americans rejoice at the end of the stranglehold that two political dynasties had on our political system for decades.

We live in a reality show world, and for better or worse, a reality show star married to a gorgeous model is the perfect president for the times we live in.


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