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Published:February 27th, 2016 16:59 EST

'Politikats' Turns Politicians Into Cat Scratching Posts

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Canadian company is seeking crowdfunding to develop a line of scratching posts designed to resemble various political figures.


Kickstarter campaign `Politikats` offers designer scratching posts resembling Donald Trump and Barack Obama.

`Politikats is here to help save your belongings, make your home look stylish but most importantly turn you from crazy cat person to political junkie with a taste for the finer things in life,` the Kickstarter page read.

Each scratching post is composed of sisal rope and stands about 26 inches tall. It also includes a 15 x 15 base available in three colors: red, blue and gray "


Every Tom, Dick and Harry is seeking crowdfunding to fund their cockamamie schemes, how expensive can it be to manufacture scratching posts?

The Canadian company is also planning on manufacturing cat scratching posts resembling Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

For Donald Trump a litter box would be more appropriate, in fact I might be tempted to take a dump on a litter box with Trump`s face on the bottom.  

The Bernie Sanders scratching post should be free, subsidized by the idiots who crowdsource this ridiculous project.

The Hillary Clinton scratching post should be made of Kevlar because cats are going to be driven to a manic rage staring at Hillary`s demonic face. They would tear up a regular scratching post in just a few minutes.

No good idea ever came out of Canada, screw Politikats; I hope this stupid idea never gets off the ground.

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