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Published:February 29th, 2016 10:26 EST

Save the Birds: Don't Let Cats Outside!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Our beloved cats are killing machines that take down some 200 million birds a year in Canada, one study found.

And now a new campaign is asking cat owners to help reduce the carnage by promising not to let their cats roam free outside " a move they say will benefit our feline friends as well.

Cats are by far the leading human-linked cause of death for birds in Canada, a 2013 Environment Canada report showed. And outdoor life is also a deadly and unnecessary risk for cats, says Ted Cheskey, senior manager of the conservation group Nature Canada."


Cats are cute and cuddly, but as cat owners know they are also merciless predators. My cats will torture and kill any insect or small rodent that makes the fatal mistake of entering my home. Fortunately, the many beautiful birds that visit my backyard are safe because I don`t allow my felines to venture outside.

Cats are incredible killing machines, every year they kill hundreds of million of birds, please keep them inside where they can only attack their toy mice.

Keeping your cats inside will not only save millions of birds, it will also save your kitty from the many dangers that lurk outside: Speeding cars, lethal germs, dogs, sadistic cat-hating people ...

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