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Published:March 2nd, 2016 14:51 EST

Fido the Dog Faces Off Against Spot the Evil Google Canine Robot

By Robert Paul Reyes

The robot`s lifelike movement catches the attention of a real dog. The uncanny uncanine valley. This is the latest quadruped robot from Google`s Boston Dynamics group, and the only one in civilian hands.

YouTube video description

Google`s corporate motto is "Don`t do evil", but almost everything they do reeks of sulfur. Only an evil corporation would create a canine robot, this infernal machine can only be used to fight the forces of good and to seek world domination.

This pooch named "Fido" ain`t afraid of no robots, and he took on "Spot" the evil canine robot. Fido? Spot? Really? Doesn`t anyone have any damn imagination?

I keep my loaded shotgun under my bed, and if I hear any robots lurking outside my house I will blow them away to Kingdom Come!

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia