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Published:March 2nd, 2016 14:26 EST

God to Ben Carson: Denial Ain't Just a River in Egypt, Quit Moron!

By Robert Paul Reyes

For a brief moment in the early fall of 2015 Ben Carson managed to overtake billionaire Donald Trump in the polls, that is until the Trumpster swatting the fly with a sledgehammer by calling him a pathological liar and comparing him to a child molester.

Carson quickly tumbled in the polls, and he never recovered. He hasn`t won a single primary or caucus, and he failed to crack double digits in any Super Tuesday contest.

The Almighty has been telling Carson "Quit you freaking idiot, you`re embarrassing yourself and the evangelical faith", but he has been too full of himself to listen.

Carson`s campaign Chairman Bob Dees all but admitted a week before Super Tuesday that the neurosurgeon`s campaign was doomed, confessing: We don`t have a well defined path to victory.  No sh**! Carson doesn`t have any path to victory, the path he`s traveling on leads to abject humiliation.

It`s time for Carson to end this farce, drop out of the race and devote himself to hawking his books, and delivering speeches for the glory of God and Almighty Mammon.

I`m not a particularly pious person, but the good Lord is using me to tell Carson: Quit you moron!

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