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Published:March 3rd, 2016 10:08 EST

Menacing UFO Turns Out to Be Water Tower

By Robert Paul Reyes

An object spotted on Google Maps has fascinated UFO enthusiasts for years, it looks like a classic flying saucer.

A well-known UFO kook, Scott Waring, explains why extraterrestrials would hide a spaceship for centuries:
Remember, most aliens will have lifespans of hundreds of years, if not thousands at the fricking least.

We must assume Waring has done extensive research from his mom`s basement before arriving at the conclusion that aliens  have lifespans of hundreds of years.

Waring would be well-advised to give up his foolish hobby, and instead learn an honest trade.

UFO`s are usually clouds, conventional aircraft, swamp gas, meteors or Chinese lanterns, but in this case it`s a fricking water tower.

ufo Here`s the UFO/Water Tower: have a look here and you`ll see it`s just a damn water tower.

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