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Published:March 4th, 2016 11:21 EST

'Bernie Baby' Dies of Sudden Death Syndrome! Is Bernie Sanders' Campaign As Dead As 'Bernie Baby'?

By Robert Paul Reyes

Oliver Lomas, the 3-month old baby who gained Internet immortality as "Bernie Baby" when Bernie Sanders spotted his mini-me at a Las Vegas campaign rally and posed for a photo with him, has died at four-months-old of Sudden Death Syndrome.

I would have bet the farm that the infant would have outlived the 74-year-old presidential candidate, but alas Oliver is doing his Bernie shtick in heaven now.

I don`t want to exploit or trivialize Oliver`s sudden death, but it`s a metaphor for the current state of Bernie Sander`s campaign. Hillary crushed Bernie in the early presidential contests, and there`s a better chance that Oliver will be resurrected from the dead, than there is of Bernie staging a comeback.

Don`t worry little fellow, the septuagenarian politician will be joining you in heaven soon, at least I`m hoping that Bernie will be one of the few politicians with enough integrity to be allowed entry through the pearly gates.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia