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Published:March 10th, 2016 10:35 EST

Kim Wilde Thought UFO Was Michael Jackson Coming Back to Haunt Her

By Robert Paul Reyes

"POP star Kim Wilde has revealed how she watched a UFO hovering in her back garden for TWO HOURS - convincing her of alien life.

The 55-year-old Kids in America singer, who has sold more than ten million albums worldwide, said she watched the `static and silent` lights on the UFO in the summer of 2009 in her Hertfordshire garden.

The singer, now a landscape gardener, said she first thought the alien UFO was coming to haunt her.

Kim was Jacko`s support act during his 1988 BAD tour and saw the UFO on June 26 2009 - the day after Michael Jackson died.


Ever heard of Kim Wilde? Neither have I, no wonder she`s trying to generate publicity by claiming she saw a UFO.

Apparently the highlight of her career was being an opening act for Michael Jackson during his1988 BAD tour. The pop tart thought the UFO hovering over her back yard the day after Jacko died, was the pop legend paying her a visit.

If Jackson ever comes back from the dead the first person he will visit will be the plastic surgeon who jacked up his face -- it won`t be pretty.

Wilde must have been smoking some really dank weed back in 2009, she needs to stop  the UFO tomfoolery, smoke a joint and reminisce about her glory days touring with the King of Pop.

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