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Published:March 12th, 2016 17:39 EST

Dog Rests on Lawn Mower, Safe After Storm: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

Dog rests on lawn mower, safe after Texas storm

We interrupt this broadcast to bring you some barking news! The hilarious moment a dog riding a lawnmower disrupts serious news report about a tornado A news team from KYTX was filming the damage of a tornado that swept through Malakoff, Texas They came across a dog sitting on a lawnmower with its paw on the wheel The adorable pooch seems unfazed when the camera focuses in on him.

YouTube video description

A KYTX news team preparing to deliver a report on storm damage in the Malakoff area captured video of a pooch sitting like a human in the seat of a riding lawnmower.

It`s remarkable to capture video of a pooch riding a lawnmower on any day, but it`s even more remarkable when the dog is sitting on the lawnmower in the aftermath of a storm, and he`s cool as a cucumber and unfazed by the devastation or by the camera focusing on him.

This is the coolest doggie in the world, or at least in the great state of Texas.


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Photo Credit: Wikipedia