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Published:March 12th, 2016 16:46 EST

Hipsters are Scum, Except for Toby the Hipster Dog: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Toby is a little Maltese who can rock glasses, a hat and a bow-tie better than you ever could -- and he knows it.

This fashionable ball of fur is a `hipster dude with attitude,` and we just can`t get enough."


Hipsters are a greater threat to society than biker gangs, ghetto gangstas, Satan worshippers or any other subculture.

The hipster subculture is composed of slacker affluent youth who infest gentrifying neighborhoods. They listen to indie music, buy their clothes at thrift shops, worship Bernie Sanders as the Second Coming of the Messiah, and have a penchant for wearing ironic glasses. In short they are low-life scum who should be wiped off the face of the Earth.

I wouldn`t make love to a hipster girl if she looked like Angelina Jolie, well maybe I would but I would hate myself after the dirty deed was done.

I hate everything having to do with hipsters, with the exception of Toby the Hipster Dog. I love dogs, all dogs, even this little pooch with a hipster vibe.

Is Toby adorable, or what?

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