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Published:March 22nd, 2016 14:32 EST

Little Girl Takes Chicken For a Cruise on Her Tricycle: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"An Alabama father captured footage of his 3-year-old daughter taking her pet chicken for a cruise on her tricycle.

Thomas Boutwell posted a video to YouTube showing his 3-year-old daughter cruising around the driveway of the family`s Auburn home on her tricycle with her pet chicken riding in the basket.

The chicken seems comfortable with her under-aged Uber and allows the toddler to take her for a ride."


This 3-year-old girl, dressed as a princess, is taking her pet chicken for a cruise on her tricycle. Mind  you, this isn`t a cute baby chick, it`s a huge chicken that`s almost as big as the little girl.

If I were riding my bike with this huge fowl from hell perched on the handlebars I would be so scared I would wet my drawers and crash into a telephone pole.

This adorable tyke is remarkably calm, and she and her pet chicken seem to be having a great time.

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