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Published:March 22nd, 2016 14:05 EST
SOP Battle of the Bands Featuring James Kob with "Because of You"

SOP Battle of the Bands Featuring James Kob with "Because of You"

By SOP newswire2


Not that the song title is original... it`s not, there are other songs entitled the same... but this song`s style of "The Carpenters meet Sergio Mendes" brings an ear-pleasing, upbeat sound and feel to the listener that`s unforgettable... and original. 

That`s what a lively, jazzy Bossa Nova, solid vocal harmonies supported by strings and strong piano... with that underlying, ever present beat and syncopated guitar pluck does: it draws you into the feel and meaning of it all by weaving its way into your heart. A mixture by design of rich, whole step chord progressions, BECAUSE OF YOU was composed to bring to the listener a "feel good" sense to being in love. How many songs tell of a tortured love, a conflicted condition two people can never resolve? Not BECAUSE OF YOU. Its sweet true-to-life lyrics, sing-song melody and overall smooth jazz sound will bring a happy smile to your face as it builds to a rich crescendo when the tenor sax solos, making you believe two people in love can, in fact, inspire each other just like that saxophone does... with an uplifting tone, sexy undercurrent and an ever-present strength. That`s what love really is about isn`t it... making that other person believe your love for them is as solid as their love for you is... right? That`s where the inspiration to write BECAUSE OF YOU was drawn from... the quest to find enduring love.

How else to describe the real meaning behind BECAUSE OF YOU, than to say that it was composed and performed to make us feel when we hear it like we should feel when we find love in another person. Put another way: no matter what happens in a love relationship, even if it falters and fades, BECAUSE OF YOU will make you remember how great it was to be in love... and make you want to try all over again.

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