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Published:March 23rd, 2016 14:05 EST

Dude in Tree in Seattle Trending on Twitter! Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Despite hours of police coaxing, a man refused to leave his perch near the top of an 80-foot tall sequoia tree in downtown Seattle Wednesday morning.

Authorities were alerted to the unidentified man in the tree around 11 a.m. Tuesday and he was still clinging to its branches at 7 a.m. Wednesday, more than 20 hours later.
The man`s treetop sitting has also attracted onlookers on the street below and a local TV station livestreamed video of the man online as he dozed, shouted and knocked around a stick. The reporter and cameraman could be heard repeatedly telling passers-by that the man was indeed still in the tree."

Boston Herald

Police have wasted hours trying to coax this man to come down from the tree, hours that should have been spend solving crimes and serving and protecting the community.

I don`t care if if this man has mental issues or if he is simply desperate for publicity, the cops should have given him a ten-minute deadline to come down or be brought down by a tranquilizer dart.

Of course I realize such a police action would result in the man`s death, so what? He put himself in that precarious situation, as you make your bed you must lie on it, and as you climb a tall tree don`t curse God as you fall to your well-deserved death.

Instead this oxygen thief is holding court on his perch in the tree as if he was a rock star, he`s trending on Twitter and it won`t be long before CNN dispatches a reporter to climb the tree to interview him.

This story perfectly illustrates the pussification of America: Police twiddle their thumbs while a nutjob hold court.

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