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Published:March 23rd, 2016 14:33 EST

Rabbits Go Bonkers for Carrots on Japan's Rabbit Island

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A visitor to Japan`s `Rabbit Island,` a small island inhabited by hundreds of rabbits, was filmed being swarmed by bunnies when he offered them carrots.

A video posted to YouTube by My BB Bunny shows a man interacting with the rabbits on Okunoshima, a small island in the city of Takehara that is informally known as `Rabbit Island` due to being overrun with hundreds of rabbits.


This video is proof positive that rabbits love to mate and eat carrots. It doesn`t take a rocket scientist or an animal behaviorist to figure out that if you visit Rabbit Island armed with a bag of carrots you will be swarmed by rabbits.

These feral rabbits are quite tame, and they aren`t afraid to approach humans in search of something to eat. These bunnies are quite fat, there must be a lot of carrots growing on Rabbit Island.

These bunnies are so cute, I want to go to Rabbit Island when I die.

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