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Published:March 26th, 2016 09:54 EST

Woman Rescues Abandoned Piglet Using Cherry Danish

By Robert Paul Reyes

 "The director of a New Jersey animal shelter used a cherry danish to lure an abandoned pot-bellied pig to safety after it was found near a truck stop.

Tamala Lester of Barnyard Sanctuary shared a photo of the piglet on Instagram and told of how she was able to lure the animal off of the nearby roadway on Wednesday.
Lester told NBC New York that she was able to lure the piglet, which she named `Cherry`, until it was close enough for her to grab it by the hind legs.

She said Cherry will stay at Barnyard Sanctuary for at least 10 days before being placed up for adoption."


Lester does not normally carry a cherry danish in order to lure any pot-bellied pigs she might be called upon to rescue, she happened to have one handy and she used it to coax the adorable piglet out of his hiding place. Pigs eat like pigs, and I imagine anything edible from a hot dog to pork skins would have worked just as well.

Lester posted a pic of the adorable piglet on Instagram, and a star was born. Most of us prefer seeing Instagram pics of cute piglets instead of images of Kim Kardashian`s grotesque butt.

Offers have poured in to adopt the cherry danish-loving piglet, let`s hope he will find a forever home where he will be lavished with hugs and pastries.

Pic of cute piglet: