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Published:March 28th, 2016 09:16 EST

Australian Comic Shares Hilarious Day in the Life With Pet Snake

By Robert Paul Reyes

"An Australian man shared video showing what life is like with his best friend -- a scrub python named Doofy.

The video posted to YouTube by Jackson O`Doherty shows the man waking up in the morning next to his python and wishing the snake a `good morning.`

O`Doherty takes Doofy on a series of adventures including showering, riding the swings at a playground, playing an abortive game of fetch, going to the store on a leash, taking a swim, visiting a drive-through for an ice cream cone and playing video games."


In America we have cats and dogs as pets, but in the Land Down Under, people are likely to become best friends with the dingo who stole their baby, the crocodile who hangs out in their swimming pool, the kangaroo they practice kickboxing with, or a snake they find by the side of the road.

This video depicts Jackson O`Doherty having a series of silly adventures with Doofy, his pet snake. Why the hell doesn`t this dude have his own television show, he`s  a hell of a lot more entertaining than Crocodile Dundee!

O`Doherty is a professional comic, and an animal lover.

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