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Published:March 28th, 2016 08:24 EST

Meet Gimo the Cat With Saucer Eyes: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

Meet Gimo The BIG EYED Cat Taking The Internet by Storm A fluffy black cat with insanely huge eyes is ready to take the crown the cutest cat in the internet after several pictures of him went viral.Gimo, Scottish Fold, lives in South Korea and featured in dozens of Instagram shot, sometimes along with two other cats who also live in same apartment. With his moist, mesmerizing eyes, Gimo has captivated thousands of acolytes online, went bananas at his cuteness.

YouTube video description

A fluffy cat is almost irresistible, a feline who is fluffy and has huge mesmerizing eyes that look like marbles is impossible to resist.

I have two cats and I am constantly doing their bidding: Giving them treats, brushing their hair, cleaning their litter box ...

Imagine what life is like with a cat with hypnotic eyes; I bet he puts his owner in a trance and orders her to go to the fish market to bring him fresh tuna.

In fact, I think this adorable feline has me in a trance right now; I can`t stop watching his videos on YouTube.

Here`s his video, but I must warn you that you might spend the rest of day watching his videos:

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia