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Published:March 29th, 2016 14:56 EST

In Science Demonstration Teacher Sets Student's Hand on Fire: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Minneapolis science teacher took hands-on learning to the next level when he lit a student`s hand on fire during a demonstration.

A video posted to YouTube by Steven Takata shows the student, Takata`s son, assisting with a demonstration at Hope Academy.
The teacher instructs the student to dip his hand into a container of methane-filled soap bubbles and then holds a lighter to the student`s hand.

The methane-filled bubbles briefly ignite and flames engulf the boy`s hand, but they quickly put themselves out and the student is left amazed and uninjured"


This young student learned a lot about chemistry by participating in the spectacular demonstration, but he would have learned a lot about our legal system if his dad had sued the teacher and the school for subjecting his son to psychological distress.

Before the fire had died the dad should have been on the phone with his lawyer. This video is proof that the teacher deliberately and maliciously set the young scholar on fire.

Moral of this story: Don`t look a gift horse in the mouth.

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