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Published:March 29th, 2016 13:58 EST

Margaret Cho Is A Disgrace to Comedy

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Rape is no laughing matter to Margaret Cho or to the audience that walked out of one of her performances on Saturday night.

Cho, 47, performed at the Stress Factory comedy club in New Brunswick, NJ, on Saturday to a sold-out crowd, but not a happy one. Witnesses tell Page Six that Cho opened her set by talking about Garry Shandling`s death and her own rape instead of telling jokes.

`She kept on talking about rape and how bad rape is, and it evidently pissed off a few people in the audience,` an audience member told us. `She really got into it with the hecklers. It turned ugly and it just got brutal. People were walking out like crazy.`"

Page Six

I have written several essays on the topic that women are lousy stand-up comics, so I won`t belabor the point today.

Women simply don`t have the balls, literally or figuratively, to be outrageously offensive in search of laughs. If they push the comedy envelope they come across as shrill and bitchy, instead of witty and funny.

Women in general, and lesbians in particular make rotten stand-up comics. Ellen DeGeneres doesn`t have a funny bone in her body, audiences laugh at her "jokes" out of political correctness and solidarity.

Margaret Cho is a woman and a lesbian, that`s two strikes. Cho has a frozen scowl on her face, that`s strike three, there`s no way in hell she could be a successful comedian.

Cho may have been able to elicit a couple of laughs during her recent appearance at the Stress Factory (Boy did she stress people out) had she delivered a standard comedy routine. Instead she spent most of her time lecturing the audience on the evils of rape.

The audience walked out on the shrew, they should be commended for their restraint. I would have hurled whatever projectile I could find at the stage in protest.

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