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Published:April 1st, 2016 08:58 EST

Parrot Freaks Out Reporter: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

Watch this reporter freak out over this uninvited guest on her shoulder. The Australians journalist was getting ready to go live outside a court house when the parrot decided to say hello. Obviously it was really bad timing. Turns out, the parrot`s name is Lola. The owner reunited with her pet the next day once viewers saw clips of her on TV. While it certainly looks like the reporter wasn`t a fan of the little birdie at first, apparently now their besties.

YouTube video description

In the Land Down Under wildlife is out of control: Dingoes kidnap babies, crocodiles snap off legs of unsuspecting joggers, kangaroos engage in kickboxing matches in quiet suburban neighborhoods ...

It`s incumbent on journalists, especially Australians, to maintain a professional demeanor when they encounter animals.

Australian Network Nine reporter Brittany Kleyn should be summarily fired, she`s an embarrassment to her profession and to her country.

You didn`t see Bernie Sanders scream in panic when a little bird made an appearance during a campaign speech.


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Photo Credit: Wikipedia