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Published:April 1st, 2016 20:49 EST

Ultrasound Pic Shows Baby Flashing Peace Sign

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Janine and Ryan Godfrey are having a boy, and according to his latest ultrasound photo, he`s one chill dude.


The Boston couple`s 4-month-old fetus appears to be flashing the peace sign in his new in utero image.

Janine didn`t catch the moment while she was lying in the medical technician`s office with her belly covered in gel.  `I was too busy looking at other parts` of the baby on the monitor, she told`

Inside Edition

The pregnant woman didn`t notice the fetus flashing the peace sign; she was too preoccupied analyzing his nether regions trying to determine its sex.

A fetus flashing the peace sign is destined to be a rock star, politician or peacemaker.

If Janine desires her baby to grow up to be a rock star, she might as well acclimate him to the rock star lifestyle be smoking weed and drinking alcohol during her pregnancy.

However if she hopes her offspring will become a statesman or a peacemaker, she would be well-advised to abstain from controlled substances and eat a healthy diet.

I wish the best for Janine and Ryan Godfrey and their precocious son.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia