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Published:April 2nd, 2016 14:54 EST

Dude Claims UFO Hovered Over His House in Las Vegas

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Steven Barone is armed with two high definition cameras, one with night vision capabilities. He`s a local Las Vegas resident who`s been scanning the skies over the valley for almost two years.


It was April 16th, 2014 when he says he saw his first UFO. `Until it happens to you, once it has and when you see one up close it just changes everything,` said Barone."

Most of us spend our spare time furthering our education, enjoying quality time with our children, pursuing worthwhile hobbies, or exercising. 

Steve Barone has spent every spare second for the past two years scanning the skies for flying saucers.

Armed with a high definition camera with night vision capabilities he finally captured an out-of-focus object in the sky that he claims is a Mothership.

Now Barone claims that everything has changed for him, I guess that means he will don a tin foil hat, sit in a lotus position and attempt to communicate telepathically with the aliens from Uranus. 

Sometimes what happens in Vegas, should stay in Vegas.  

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia