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Published:April 6th, 2016 12:57 EST

Dude Takes Burrito and Beer Break in Middle of Marathon

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A man in Tennessee took a brief pit stop in the middle of running a marathon to enjoy a burrito and a beer before continuing the race.

Trailhead Beer Market in Knoxville shared a photo of the runner enjoying his snack as the bartender handed him a complimentary beer."


I`ll run a marathon on the same day that hell freezes over, but if Michelle Obama kidnaps me, drugs me, and forces me to run one, I will imitate this dude and take a burrito and beer break in the middle of the treacherous ordeal.

This dude is my hero, he`s dressed in ratty gym shorts and orange socks, not in a color-coordinated running outfit. I wouldn`t be surprised if he took a marijuana break as well.

After enjoying his beer and burrito this guy couldn`t care less if he finished last, it`s not about winning or losing, it`s about enjoying the trip.

Link to video: