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Published:April 6th, 2016 12:26 EST

Old Lady Trapped in Library Restroom for 36 Hours

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A woman who had been trapped in the restroom of a Texas library over the weekend was rescued on Monday.

The woman, who was described as elderly, although her age was not released, had been trapped in the library for 36 hours after she was unable to get out of a restroom stall.

City of Waco spokesman Larry Holze said the woman entered the restroom just before the library closed on Saturday, but staff did not notice she was there before it was locked for the weekend."


If a young person passed out drunk in a library restroom, and regained consciousness after the library was locked for the weekend, he wouldn`t be in this old lady`s predicament, because he would have his cell phone with him.

A senior citizen should never leave home without his cell phone or medical alert device. Hopefully after the humiliating ordeal of being trapped in a restroom for 36 hours, this old woman will buy a cell phone.

Kids: Buy your grandma a damn mobile phone, one of the cheap flip phone variety that are old-people friendly, and train her how to use it!

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia