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Published:April 7th, 2016 13:01 EST

Did Flying Saucer Hover Over Empire State Building?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A tourist has reportedly photographed a mysterious and weird-looking UFO flying close to the iconic Empire State Building in New York.

UFO Sightings Daily`s Scott Waring suggested that the UFO was a cloaked alien craft, but the cloaking mechanism failed at the moment the tourist snapped the photo. The suggestion that the UFO was captured on camera at the moment its cloaking mechanism failed led some UFO enthusiasts to suggest that its weird shape could be due to a partial failure of its cloaking mechanism. The failure probably revealed only a small part of a larger UFO in the air.

`For this UFO to have been so close to the Empire State Building it had to have been cloaked,` Waring wrote. `Aliens have a high interest in how we try to preserve our old culture, and this building is a prime example of what they would like to see.`"


If a friend showed me a photograph of the Empire State Building, my reaction would be: How cool, I`ve always wanted to see that iconic building.

If he said, forget the Empire State Building take a look at the UFO flying close by, I would think to myself: This joker is trying to show off his photoshopping skills.

Only a UFO nut would conclude that the photo depicts a cloaked flying saucer.The suggestion that the
UFO was captured on camera at the moment its cloaking mechanism failed is a mixture of wild speculation and unadulterated tomfoolery.

This isn`t an incident of a flying saucer`s cloaking mechanism failing, it`s an example of a UFO nut`s brain failure to process information rationally and intelligently.

Just say NO to UFO tomfoolery!

Pic of fake UFO:

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia