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Published:April 7th, 2016 13:40 EST

Miley Cyrus' Cat Rips Her to Shreds

By Robert Paul Reyes

"As feisty as Miley Cyrus is, her cat is way feistier.

The singer took to her Instagram to show off the outcome of picking a fight with her cat, and the results don`t look great.

No idea what she did to p*ss off that kitty, but needless to say it must have been pretty bad " she was left with a gash to the head, scratches on the forehead, and a nasty wound to her arm."


Miley Cyrus is the offspring of Satan (Billy Ray Cyrus), if you mess with this hellion she will rip you to shreds, and twerk naked on your grave.

Miley`s cat is just as ferocious as her master, who knows Maybe the pop tart spikes his food with LSD. Miley pissed off her cat, and he went Medieval on her, leaving her scratched and bloody.

I don`t know what would be more dangerous knocking boots with Miley or playing with her cat?