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Published:April 8th, 2016 21:14 EST

3 albino Deer Caught on Camera

By Robert Paul Reyes

"An ultra-rare gathering was caught on camera in northern Wisconsin when footage was captured of three albino deer in a single location.


The three albino deer were recorded Wednesday in a field with two normal-colored deer near Boulder Junction in Northern Vilas County.

Albino deer are extremely rare, occurring about once in every 20,000 deer births."


Albino deer are extremely rare, if I saw three of the unique creatures at the same time, I would check my pulse to see if I had died and been transported to heaven.

Can you imagine if the infamous double rainbow dude saw three albino deer at the same time? It would be better than any LSD trip he`s ever experienced, and he would probably die of a heart attack with a beatific smile on his face.

You won`t need a bong to enjoy this video:

Link to video:

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia