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Published:April 8th, 2016 10:39 EST

Coalition Kills 2 Foreign Fighters in Iraq

By SOP newswire3

The coalition against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant recently killed two "motivated" foreign fighters in Iraq, while local partners continue the fight to reclaim ground in Iraq and Syria, the spokesman for Operation Inherent Resolve said today. 

In a videoconference call from Baghdad, Army Col. Steve Warren told Pentagon reporters that the two foreign fighters were killed on the same day in separate strikes in Iraq.


Abu Zubary al-Bosni was killed near Bajar; he was a Swedish national of Bosnian descent who was a trusted member of a cadre of foreign fighters, the colonel said.

Khalid Osman Timayare, ISIL`s deputy emir of the Anwar al-Awlaki Brigade, was killed in a strike near Ar Rayhaniyah, the spokesman said. He was a Swedish-born foreign fighter with links to western fighters, Warren said.

"Both of these strikes deprive ISIL of motivated foreign fighters who had displayed leadership aptitude," he said.

Moving Forward in Iraq

Warren said Iraqi security forces in the Tigris River Valley are battling to push the front lines to the west.

"They are experiencing some give and take there. It`s a tough fight," he said.

The 71st Iraqi Army Brigade is now moving to seize the town of Nasiriyah, Warren said.

Meanwhile, in the Euphrates River Valley, Iraqi security forces have now entered Hit, the colonel explained.

"The city is not yet clear. It`s littered with [vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices, improvised explosive devices] and booby-traps, but the Iraqi security forces are working from the north to the south to finally secure that city," he said.

Progress in Syria

In northern Syria, Warren said, the Syrian Democratic Forces continue to secure the northeastern town of Shaddadi in preparation for future operations against ISIL.

The colonel added that the SDF is providing humanitarian aid to the region and helping villages and communities regain a normal life.

Warren noted that since Feb. 15, the start of the Shaddadi offensive, the SDF has gained 6,100 square kilometers. Coalition aircraft have conducted 209 kinetic strikes, killing hundreds of enemy fighters. During the offensive, the SDF suffered 84 casualties. In total, the SDF now controls 25,000 square kilometers of land in northern Syria, he said.

In western Syria over the course of several days, the colonel said, vetted Syrian opposition forces have successfully synchronized offensive operations, resulting in the liberation of several villages in northwest Syria.

Warren added that since the start of this month, vetted Syrian opposition forces have added a total of 81 square kilometers of new territory and moved the Mara line approximately 7.5 kilometers to the east.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia