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Published:April 9th, 2016 16:47 EST

The 'Kitty Convict Project' is a Great Idea

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Seattle cartoonist The Oatmeal, aka Matthew Inman, wants you to turn your indoor kitty into a convict.


Inman has launched The Kitty Convict Project  " an elegant solution to a tricky problem.

It`s simple " dress your cat in an orange collar with an ID tag (like a convict). Orange is bright and reflective and it will brand your cat as an INDOOR CAT. So anyone who sees a cat running around outdoors in an orange collar, know that they are an escaped convict.

Here`s the problem Inman is addressing: Statistics show that in the U.S., more than 7 million pets go missing each year. While 26 percent of dogs are reported and returned home, less than 5 percent of cats are recovered."

A kitty has everything he needs in your house: Love, food, shelter and a place to play. There is no need for your cat to venture outside; there are too many predators and too many dangers.

Only feral cats or pets who escaped from their loving owners should be roaming the streets. If you love your cat keep him indoors.

If your feline friend runs away, and if he is wearing an orange collar with an ID tag, there`s a good chance that a Good Samaritan will call you.

My 25-pound cat, Tico, is so fat that he wouldn`t get very far if he ran away, but I`m afraid somebody might kidnap the fluffy and adorable critter. Maybe if he was wearing an orange collar and an ID tag, people would feel guilty about keeping him.

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