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Published:April 14th, 2016 13:42 EST

Creep Who Tortured Girlfriend's Cat Gets 6 Months in Jail

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Champaign County judge sentenced a former Savoy man who said he tortured his girlfriend`s cat because he was depressed to 30 months of probation and six months in the county jail.
Nathan Sitter, 24,
pleaded guilty in March to a single count of animal torture, admitting that on Dec. 4, he repeatedly dunked Mocha, his girlfriend`s 9-month-old kitten, under cold water while he was alone with the animal at his girlfriend`s apartment in the 800 block of Village Park Way, Savoy."

The News-Gazette

The cowardly bastard admitted to police that it wasn`t the first time he had tortured the cat, the day before he held the poor cat under water, he tied a string from one of her toys around her neck. 

The feline barely survived being tortured by this sadist, her lungs were filled with water, she was severely infected, and she had dangerously low blood pressure.

If you`re clinically depressed you visit a shrink, take up a hobby, work out your frustrations at the gym -- you don`t torture a helpless cat.

If this human excrement survives his jail sentence, when he`s released I hope he will discover that his girlfriend has left him and no one will hire him.

Click the link at the bottom of this page to see a photograph of this monster, if you live in Urbana give him a wide berth, and keep you pets and children away from him.

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