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Published:April 18th, 2016 11:52 EST

Firefighter Jumps Into Lake to Escape Firenado From Hell

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Canadian firefighter`s narrow escape from a fire tornado by jumping into an Alberta lake was caught on camera by a witness.

The video, recorded by witness Diane Logan and posted to Facebook by St. Albert Fire Services, shows the fire tornado -- or firenado -- moving along the edge of Big Lake in St. Albert, Alberta, while firefighters flee from its path.

A lone firefighter can be seen at the end of the video emerging from the cloud of smoke around the twister and jumping into the lake."


A tornado is a frightening natural phenomenon, it levels and destroys everything in its path, I`d rather face off against an extraterrestrial brandishing an anal probe, than be anywhere near the vicinity of a tornado.

A tornado is an act of God but I`m convinced that Satan himself unleashes firenados from the pit of hell. Watch this firefighter jump into the lake to escape the firenado.

You think Sharknado was terrifying, if they ever screened a video of a firenado in a movie theater everybody in the audience would wet their drawers.

Link to video: