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Published:April 19th, 2016 17:22 EST

Outrage: Aussie Complains About Venomous Spider in Her Broccoli

By Robert Paul Reyes

"An Australian supermarket recalled a batch of broccoli after customers reported finding venomous redback spiders in the produce.

Customer Dee Nott posted a photo to Woolworths` Facebook page during the weekend showing a redback spider she found crawling on the broccoli she bought from the chain`s Runaway Bay, Queensland, location."


If you live in Australia you should expect a crocodile relaxing in your swimming pool, a dingo kidnapping your baby from your back porch, a snake coming out of your toilet, and kangaroos kickboxing in your front yard.

What the hell is an Aussie doing eating broccoli anyway, shouldn`t the wanker be eating a vegemite sandwich or a wild boar?

In the Land Down Under, you expect venomous spiders in the produce, Dee should be exiled from Australia for complaining about a little poisonous spider in her broccoli.

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