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Published:April 21st, 2016 11:04 EST

Female Guest on Maury Povich Looks Just Like Ted Cruz: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

A guest on the daytime talk show Maury had social media on fire thanks to her resemblance to Ted Cruz. A woman named Searcy appeared on Monday`s episode to find the identity of her son`s father. She was joined by her boyfriend, who claimed the child was not his. But it wasn`t the only thing up for debate. Donald Trump sounded a bit more presidential the day after his massive win in the New York Primaries on Tuesday night.

YouTube video description

I despise Ted Cruz and maybe I`m paranoid but I see Cruz doppelgangers everywhere: In the shopping mall, on the bus, at McDonald`s asking me if I want fries with my burger, and at the used car lot promising me that the Pinto station wagon is a steal at only $3,999.

But it`s not just me, even citizens who aren`t terrified of the Texas senator`s Neanderthal political ideology are seeing Cruz lookalikes everywhere: Everyone agrees that Brian Baumgartner, the actor who played Kevin Malone in The Office, Alf and Grandpa Munster are dead ringers for Cruz.

The latest Cruz twin to surface was a guest on Maury Povich, she appeared on Maury to find the identity of her son`s father.

Maybe it really was Cruz, my gaydar goes crazy whenever I see the homophobic politician on TV. Maybe Cruz is a self-hating latent gay who tempted fate by letting his freak flag fly high on Maury`s talk show. Perhaps the young lady is one of the conservative politician`s illegitimate offspring, after all according to the Enquirer he`s a real player.

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