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Published:April 23rd, 2016 10:49 EST

Pac-Man-shaped UFO Filmed Hovering Over Gas Station in Kansas: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A UFO enthusiast claims to have been sent footage that shows a glowing white shape-shifting craft hovering above the earth.

The footage was captured by a stunned motorist who filmed the bright lights apparently patrolling the planet at 3am.

In the clip the main light, which takes on the shape of Pac-Man, is flanked by three others, which appear and disappear over the course of the video."

Daily Mail

UFO sightings are so ubiquitous that they don`t receive much attention -- unless the alleged alien spacecraft has an unusual shape, like a giant penis or Pac-Man.

If you see a flying saucer hovering over your house, don`t even bother filming it, but if the UFO is shaped like Beyonce`s butt or like a character in a popular video game videotape it, and send the proof to your favorite tabloid.

This Pac-Man-shaped UFO was captured high in the sky over Kansas. We aren`t in Kansas anymore ... OMG! UFO tomfoolery has even infected the common sense state of Kansas.

Unless the Pac-Man UFO starts gobbling up the stars in Kansas sky, I don`t think Kansans should panic.