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Published:April 24th, 2016 09:40 EST

Express Your Support for Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton With a Temporary Tattoo

By Robert Paul Reyes

A couple of months ago I wrote this article about millennials feeling the bern, literally, by showing their allegiance and support for Bernie by getting a Sanders tattoo:

Feel the Bern! Get a Free Bernie Sanders Tattoo! Video!

Millennials may regret a lot of things (adopting the hipster look, spending all their free time at Starbucks, displaying their grade school participation trophies in a place of honor ...), but they will never regret getting a tattoo of the great statesman, Bernie Sanders.

But middle-aged white men who demonstrate their support for Donald Trump by getting a tattoo of their racist hero will surely regret it. If, God forbid, Trump becomes president and America is plunged into a dark age of inflation, racism and lawlessness, and the blowhard billionaire is forced to build walls on our southern and northern borders to keep Americans from fleeing to Mexico and Canada, they will get rid of their Trump tattoos with a blowtorch.

Are you considering getting a tattoo of Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz or John Kasich? There`s another option besides permanently inking your body. Jordan, of MomentaryInk.Com is offering 25+ tattoo designs of your favorite 2016 presidential candidates with realistic temporary tattoos, the operative word being "temporary."

You can express your support for Hillary by getting a temporary tattoo, that way if she`s indicted, her husband gets caught up in a sex scandal, and Chelsea joins a UFO cult, you can wash away your temporary tattoo and nobody will ever know you supported the corrupt witch.

Momentary Ink is the way to go ...


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