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Published:April 24th, 2016 20:58 EST

Lonely Dog Cries All Night at Shelter

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A lonely dog can`t stop singing the blues. 
Juice is the longest dog resident of the Montgomery County Animal Services and Adoption Center. A year ago, Juice was brought to the shelter by his family after the family moved and no dogs were allowed, as reported by the Examiner
To give Juice a break from shelter life, a staff member took him home for a sleepover. When Juice returned to the shelter, he wouldn`t stop crying. 
I have a dog and two cats, when I`m home my pooch has plenty of company, my cats and I lavish her with attention,.But when I leave for work I take Mandy outside to my backyard, she has plenty off room to run and frolic, but there`s nobody to tell her that she`s a good dog and pat her on the head. 
When I pull up to my driveway when I return home from work, Mandy is always barking excitedly, thrilled that soon I will bring her inside to play with me and the cats. 
Dogs thrive on love and attention and it`s animal cruelty to buy a canine to serve only as a guard dog, and keep him chained up outside protecting your property. 
I can understand why Juice is singing the blues, after spending one night with the animal shelter staff member he remembered what it`s like to be a member of a loving family.
If you live anywhere near Derwood, Md, for God`s sake adopt Juice. There are many lonely and loving dogs waiting for a forever home at your local animal shelter. 
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