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Published:April 26th, 2016 17:13 EST

Chicken Eats Lizard: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Slovenian chicken owner was shocked to discover one of the birds feasting on an unusual snack -- a snake-like glass lizard.

The owner captured video Thursday on the Lipa, Slovenia, farm after noticing the item in the chicken`s mouth was a glass lizard, a reptile often referred to as a glass snake due to its resemblance to a serpent."


In America, and every other civilized country, we upload gazillions of videos featuring adorable kittens and cute puppies.

In Slovenia they post videos of chickens eating lizards, this fascinating video has been viewed 4, 446 times. I`m probably the only American who has seen this dumb video.

This video doesn`t even address the existential question: Why did the chicken cross the road? Instead we`re left to ponder: Is there anything else to do in Slovenia besides watching a chicken eat a lizard?

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