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Published:April 26th, 2016 16:57 EST

Woman Caught Walking Her Dog While Driving

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A very upset Stockton woman claims she confronted a dog owner who was walking her dog while driving a car.

In the video a dog runs alongside its owner`s car, tethered by what Amanda Brajkovich described as a rope.

`You`re going to be a dog owner, a responsible dog owner, then you need to get out and walk your dog you know, don`t be lazy,` said Brajkovich, a Stockton resident."

Fox 40

Walking your dog while driving a car places your pooch in danger, and it`s the epitome of laziness. It defeats the purpose of walking your faithful canine companion: Exercise for both of you, and a wonderful bonding experience.

I took my pooch, Mandy, to the park today and we had a wonderful time: She enjoyed sniffing every plant and insect, and I enjoyed watching the shorts-clad female joggers. I take Mandy walking almost every day: Great exercise! Great bonding! Great scenery!

This dog owner from hell deserves to have been publicly humiliated, she`s unworthy of being a dog owner.

There isn`t a more heartwarming sight than a man walking his dog, an there isn`t a more heartbreaking sight than watching a woman waling her dog while driving her automobile.

Link to video: