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Published:April 28th, 2016 15:30 EST

British Mailman Terrified of Cat

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Matthew Sampson was notified by Royal Mail last week of a potential hazard at his home in Patchway near Bristol which was affecting deliveries.

According to Royal Mail, Bella the cat is a threat to staff and has been putting fingers at risk of injury.

But owner Matthew Sampson, said he was shocked by the notice as he has never seen her get aggressive.

In the letter, Royal Mail states it has been experiencing difficulties in delivering mail to Mr Sampson`s address because of the actions of a cat.

It said the couple`s postman had reported that when he pushes mail through their letterbox their cat snatches the mail and put his fingers at risk of injury."


The pussy is the villain of this story, and I`m not talking about the cat.

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night is going to stop an American mailman from the swift completion of his appointed rounds, but this British postal worker is so wimpy that he`s terrified of a pussy cat with a penchant for snatching the mail when he pushes it through the slot.

This mailman is a disgrace to his profession, he needs to grow a pair and confront that ferocious kitty. I can understand a mailman complaining about a dog biting him on the butt, but to go into hysterics over a cat scratching his fingers, really?

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