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Published:April 28th, 2016 14:57 EST

Caitlyn Jenner Uses the Women's Bathroom at Trump International Hotel: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

Caitlyn Jenner has followed up on Donald Trump`s overture of hospitality that he would have no qualms with her using any bathroom at Trump Tower.

Instead of heading to Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, though, Jenner visited Trump International Hotel and Tower across town -- and documented her visit in a Facebook video titled `Bathroom Break.`

The Republican presidential hopeful was asked last week during an interview on `The Today Show` if he would be fine with Jenner using any bathroom she chose at Trump Tower. Trump responded, `That is correct.` The question was asked in the context of the recent passage of so-called bathroom laws in North Carolina and Mississippi targeting transgender individuals.

YouTube video description

My observations after watching the video of Caitlyn Jenner using the women`s restroom at the Trump International Hotel:

I am struck by the size of Caitlyn`s hands -- and you know what they say about a man or a trans woman with huge hands. Marco Rubio, who was disgusted by Donald Trump`s baby hands, would have been so impressed with Caitlyn`s huge hands, he would have followed her into the women`s restroom. (Yes, I`m implying Rubio is gay, not that there`s anything wrong with being gay.)

I don`t have any problems with gays and lesbians, but I can`t stand closeted self-hating hypocritical gays who demonize gays and lesbians for political gain.

Even Caitlyn`s gigantic hands can`t deflect attention away from her grotesque face, she`s the ugliest trans woman on the face of the Earth. Political correctness dictates that not only must we approve of Bruce Jenner`s transformation into a woman, but we must marvel at her supposed beauty. I don`t know have anyone with a sound mind, a modicum of integrity, and 20/20 vision can say that Caitlyn is beautiful.

I`m not in a habit of commenting on a person`s physical looks, but when a celebrity is such a publicity whore that he chronicles his transition from a man into a woman in a docu-reality series and a series of TV and magazine interviews, I`m going to tell it like it is.

In fact, Caitlyn thrives on publicity and scandal so much, I`m surprised she didn`t film herself pulling out her penis and taking a whiz. (Oh, but that would have destroyed the illusion that she`s a woman.)

Nobody really cares which bathroom Caitlyn uses, we just wish she wouldn`t feel compelled to document every facet of her degenerate Hollywood lifestyle.

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