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Published:May 4th, 2016 14:43 EST

OMG! Cat Has Three Tails! Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"This bizarre footage appears to show a cat with THREE tails casually wandering around a garden.

It was shot by a housewife who insists she has seen the three-tailed moggy many times and that it is not a joke.
Svetlana Birilyuk, who is heard on video saying in Russian: You don`t believe it? This cat has got three tails."


If a cat with three tails wandered into your garden what would you do?

Make a sign of the cross

Grab it and sell it to circus sideshow

Adopt it so it won`t end up in the hands of a freak who will sell it to a sideshow

A cat with three tails sounds like a tall tale, but here`s the video, what do you think?

It looks to me like that hapless cat has one normal tail, and two spots of matted fur that look like tails.

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