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Published:May 5th, 2016 13:20 EST

Pet Store Thief Tried to Hide Baby Python in Pants: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Pinellas County deputies said Travis Treder went into Animal House Pet Center, located at 950 34th St. N, and put a baby python down his left front pocket.

Chaos erupted at the pet store as employees tried to stop him. `He`s been in twice before over the past nine months and we didn`t realize he stole anything until after the fact,` store owner Steve Silk said.

Employees blocked the front entrance. A customer, who just so happened to be a security guard, jumped in to help.


Is that a snake in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

Only a peckerhead would stuff a baby python in his pocket, he`s lucky the snake didn`t bite his penis.

Kudos to the store employees for taking matters into their own hands, they blocked the entrance to the pet store, tackled and zip tied him.

If civilians had no trouble subduing this thief, you just know that jailbirds will have a grand time pinning him down and checking out his little snake. Have fun in jail loser!

Link to video: