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Published:May 8th, 2016 11:11 EST

Accept Reality, Reality Star Donald Trump Destined to be the Next President!

By Robert Paul Reyes

Donald Trump is the perfect presidential candidate for the Internet age, long before he declared his candidacy he was already a reality star and a force on social media.

Trump brought his experience engaging in Twitter flame wars with the likes of Rosie O`Donnell to the political arena, he scorched the likes of Jeb Bush christening him with the nickname "Low energy Jeb." In the debates Trump made mincemeat out of his rivals, they simply didn`t know how to deal with an outsized celebrity who crapped on the conventional wisdom that acting presidential and uttering bland promises was the key to victory.

Trump`s roadmap to the White House isn`t acting presidential and engaging in civil discourse, this prankster will win the highest office in the land by acting like a frat boy and a bully. Trump is an Internet Troll who has escaped cyberspace and is running roughshod over the political process in living color on our television.

Trump was given no chance against one of the most talented and experienced Republican fields in recent history, yet he easily defeated his opponents, and I`m betting that he will go on to defeat Hillary in the general election.

We are living in a reality TV world and a reality star with a sphincter for a mouth, an Oompa Loompa tan, and cotton candy hair, will have his demonic baby hand on the nuclear button.

Some pundits still don`t get it and they insist that if Trump doesn`t tone it down, he has no chance of defeating the consummate politician, Hillary Clinton. Trump being Trump is what got him this far, and he will continue to be Trump right up to victory on Election Day.

If in a debate Trump told Hillary "Oh shut up you screeching lesbian witch, or I will take a crap on your pantsuit", Trump would seal his victory, even if he went through with his threat and took a dump on her pantsuit.

Accept reality people! A reality TV star is destined to be Leader of the Free World!

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