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Published:May 8th, 2016 11:35 EST

Distrubing Pic of Two Cats Will Damage You for Life

By Robert Paul Reyes

I love cats, they`re cute, cuddly and adorable. Unfortunately, many otherwise intelligent people are of the opinion that felines are sneaky, not to be trusted and downright evil.

Many folks think that a black cat is bad luck, and the devil`s familiar spirit, but my black cat "Ebony" has brought me nothing but good luck, she is a gift from heaven.

But I saw a photograph online that made me doubt my sanity and my belief that cats are basically good. The first time I looked at this pic is seemed innocuous enough, just a nice ginger cat casting a long shadow. Then I noticed that the "shadow" has eyes, is this a ginger cat and a black cat sitting side by side, adopting the same pose?If so for what purpose other than to drive us insane?

I still believe that my kitties are sugar and spice and everything that`s nice, but I must admit that these two cats must have escaped from the pit of hell.

Link to photograph:

What say you?


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Photo Credit: Wikipedia