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Published:May 9th, 2016 11:46 EST

Azealia Banks Endorses Donald Trump

By Robert Paul Reyes

"On Saturday afternoon, singer Azealia Banks expressed her support for the GOP candidate in a spree of tweets, kicking off the conversation with: I REALLY want Donald Trump to win the election.
In her series of tweets, Banks defended Trump and his outspoken opinions. `Trump is an as*hole but he`s not been groomed and programmed on some mkultra tip to DO & SAY what the establishment wants him to,` she began and added: Trump just wants the U.S to be lavish ... for all of us. I can f " with that.

So why is the singer not pledging a vote to Hillary Clinton? `Hillary has been GROOMED for the presidency. She`s another one of the establishments robots here to carry out an agenda,` Banks tweeted. `Hillary talks to black people as if we`re children or pets. i can`t stand herrrrrrr.`"

The Hollywood Reporter

Azealia Banks has a penchant for making ridiculous and controversial statements, for example in April she said that Sarah Palin should be gang raped by a group of black men. I seldom agree with Banks, but she is spot on in her assessment of the presidential candidates.

Trump is a bonafide as*hole, and he certainly hasn`t been groomed and programmed to be the typical Republican candidate for president. Trump just lets her rip, polluting the airwaves and the Internet with his Neanderthal views.

Hillary has been groomed for the presidency, she has the support of the Democratic establishment, the donor class and the media. Hillary is the quintessential liberal candidate who panders to feminists, gays and lesbians and minorities. Banks is an astute political analyst, she is so right that Hillary treats blacks like they are her pets. When Hillary speaks to blacks she adopts a black cadence and dumbs down her stump speech.

The Democratic  party hasn`t done shi* for blacks and Latinos, other than to keep them on the reservation of dependence on welfare.

Given a choice between an as*hole, who is at least genuine in his as*hole ways and a corrupt witch who is condescending to people of color, I`m with Banks, I`m voting for the as*hole.

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