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Published:May 10th, 2016 15:28 EST

Squirrel With No Hind Legs Does Handstand to Get Around: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

My dad stumbled upon this weird little guy while walking our dog. It apparently was born with no hind legs or tail and now gets around by dong a handstand and walking on its front legs. Funky stuff.

YouTube video description

The weird little guy isn`t Marco Rubio, it`s a squirrel with no hind legs or tail.

The clever squirrel balances on its front legs to run across a neighbor`s driveway and into some bushes. I pray that this squirrel lives in the only neighborhood in America without any dogs or cats, or else it`s going to end up as lunch for a hungry predator before you can say "Holy Handstand."

One time when I was walking my friendly and peaceful dog, Mandy, she dove into a bush and and reappeared with a squirrel in her mouth. For two blocks Mandy refused to let go of the squirrel, she finally tossed the now dead critter into the gutter.

At least this adorable animal`s remarkable way of getting around was preserved on video before it meets an untimely death.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia